Scaffolding is essential for ensuring safe access to equipment and structures at height, and it plays a critical role in the inspection, maintenance, and repair of equipment and structures across various industries such as Oil and Gas, Refineries, Chemical, Renewable and Marine. 

Praxis has a team of skilled professionals who are trained and certified to provide scaffolding services safely and efficiently, ensuring that all necessary safety precautions and regulations are met. Our scaffolding services include the Design, Installation of scaffolding structures to provide safe access and working platforms at height during Maintenance, Repair, and Inspection phase. 

Our scaffolding services include the provision of scaffolding materials and equipment, such as tubes, fittings, boards, and safety accessories. We also offer scaffolding inspection and audit services to ensure that scaffolding structures are safe and inspect scaffolding structures at various stages of a project to ensure that they are fit for purpose. Our team can also provide recommendations for improvements or modifications to ensure their safety and effectiveness. 

Our scaffolding structures are designed and erected in accordance with industry standards and regulations to ensure safe and effective access to equipment and structures at height. 

At Praxis, we take safety seriously, and our scaffolding services are designed to ensure the safety of our clients, employees, and contractors. We adhere to strict safety protocols and regulations, and our scaffolding structures are inspected and maintained regularly to ensure their continued safety and effectiveness.

Scaffolding requirements?

Praxis can help:

  • When selecting a scaffolding provider, it is important to choose a company with a proven track record of safety and quality, as well as experience working on similar projects.
  • At Praxis we have a thorough understanding of regulations and standards, as well as the ability to provide necessary certifications and documentation. 
  • At Praxis, Scaffolding can be a cost-effective solution for accessing hard-to-reach areas, especially when compared to other access solutions such as cranes or aerial lifts.
  • Safety is paramount when working with scaffolding. Praxis personnel always ensures that scaffolding is inspected regularly, that workers are properly trained to work on scaffolding, and that proper fall protection measures are in place.