Robotic Solutions for Maintenance Work

At Praxis we provide the best method of Surface Preparation using Robotic Crawlers. 

Robotic Crawlers are driven on surface using a vacuum or a magnetic base and can carry out cleaning of metal surface to the best standards. The crawlers we use can carry out surface preparation work to WJ2 standards at locations which are vertical, horizontal or inverted surface. These Crawlers can remove old coatings and provide a clean surface prior to application of protective coatings. Production rates will vary depending on surface condition. However, our solutions ensure a standard quality throughout the location and  with the use of multiple nozzles on the crawler we achieve results which are far higher than manual blasting ensuring a standard quality throughout the surface. 

Using vacuum systems our Robotic Crawler will collect 100% debris leaving behind an ultra-clean surface that is free of all coatings and contaminants. The surface is clean and dry in quick time and the surface is ready to be coated immediately following the blasting operations which allows for maximum production during each shift.

Why Praxis for Robotic Crawler Solutions? 

  • Trained technicians who are multiskilled in operating Crawlers, UHP. 
  • Reduced downtime as the Trained Praxis crew can trouble shoot equipment breakdown in quick time. 
  • Standard manual for End-to-End process for Crawler operations which is designed specific to Industry and Surface.