Fabrication & Replacement of Corroded members (FRCM)

Praxis wants to provide end-to-end solutions in corrosion management and mitigation of corrosion. To be able to ensure that the client assets are in good condition we also have a team to take up on-site repair, replacement & restoration of the corroded members.  


We have a complete range of fabrication, erection of Piping & steel renewal services some of which is listed below: 

  • Piping fabrication, erection / installation, on-site replacement. 
  • All class gratings, handrails, decks extension structure fabrication, erection / installation & replacement. 
  • All kind of welding (MOC – CS/CS Nace /AS/SS) – MIG welding, GTAW Welding, SMAW Welding, Flux welding, etc.
  • Fabrication of replacement of piping and structures for both onshore and offshore facilities. 
  • Supply of Qualified & Skilled technicians such as Welders, Fabricators, Fitters, Mechanics, Riggers / Scaffolders, Cutters/Grinders, etc.  
  • Procurement and delivery of steels & associated accessories as per requirement.  


Our team has good experience in Fabrication and Steel renewal services. The FRCM team is capable to provide the following support as part of project management:

  • Developing Welding procedures. 
  • Developing the Quality assurance plan & Inspection Test Plan for the project. 
  • Preparing the relevant auto cad drawings, (Structural Layout drawings & Detail Engineering drawings) & (Piping Isometrics).
  • Preparing the MTO.
  • Preparing work plan / procedure, work schedule and resource plans of Manpower, Construction Materials & Project Materials required for the project. 
  • Trade validation and Qualification of Welders, Fitters, Mechanics etc. 


In Praxis we believe in providing quality services to our customers. In the FRCM department we have a process of selection and training which ensures quality service during execution of our projects. All our technicians are trained and have thorough knowledge of Standards, Specifications, Procedures and techniques of Fabrication, Erection / Installation & Welding.